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We are an anime retailer both online and at anime conventions in the eastern US.  
For more information about our company, please visit our About Us page.  

You can use the links at left to browse our various products, as well as see our
upcoming convention schedule.  Below you'll see lists of our newest & hottest items,
as well as some items that will be arriving in the near future.
1. Transformers Chronicles Trading Figures
2. Z-Hime Trading Figures
3. Gundam 00 Prop Plus Petit Trading Figures
4. Fist of the North Star Trading Figures
5. Dragon Quest Trading Figures
6. Kamen Rider Trading Figures
7. Tokusatsu Heroes Ultra Seven Figures
8. Code Geass Suzaku Kururugi PVC Statue

9. Strike Witches PVC Statues
10. DragonBall Z Posable Trading Figures
11. Gundam 00 Voice Trading Figures
12. Gundam Heroines Trading Figures
13. Wind-Up Sushi Trading FIgures
14. Wind-Up Donburry Bowl Trading FIgures
15. Pokemon "Mijumaru" Plush
16. Pokemon "Reshimaru & Pikachu" Plush
17. Pokemon "Black & White" Plush
18. Evangelion "Sachel" Plush

19. Gloomy Bear Plush
20. Hello Kitty Plush
21. My Melody Plush
22. Neon Genesis Evangelion Plush
23. Higurashi no Naku Koro Plush
24. Tire Dog Plush
25. Rody Plush
26. Pokemon Plush
Macross Trading FIgures 3 /12
Pokemon Key Chain Trading Figures  3/12
Hitman Reborn  Figures  3/12
One Piece Gym Bags  3/12

Please note that the dates shown with our
Upcoming Releases are an estimate only of
when these items will arrive.  Factors such as
delays in production, shipping, customs, and
freight handlers all play a factor in when we
actually receive items.
1. K-ON
2. Pokemon Plush
3. Full Metal Alchemist
4. Higurashi / Umineko Naku Koro
5. Super Mario Brothers
Hello Kitty
Rody Key Chains

Please Note: We are experiencing technology difficulties and many of our new arrivals
either have dead links, or have low quality promotional images.  While we work to
resolve this, please
email with any questions you may have regarding any of these items.
Trading Figures
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